An intelligent and efficient design system, quickly improves the efficiency of product operation and development, and continuously improve the user experience of digital products.
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Membership loyalty experience program is created exclusively to raise member participation and community trust. We dive deep in user research to design a behavioral service environment to align the dynamic growing demand in any community. Learn More

Why E.E.A.S.Y. program?

To achieve the external customer feedback acquisition of a company’s brand/product/service.
To validate the impact of customer experience on a company growth efficiency.
To improve the internal customer experience success team structure and collaboration workflow.
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ETU Experience Academy (aka E-Academy) is an “innovation madhouse” infused with corporate executives, industry pioneers, business experts, and savvy designers. Here at E-Academy, you may find the latest smart know-how insights of the UX related industry. We treasure the power of thinking. And we never stop honing our approach of creating an authentic experience. It’s our mission to conquer any cutting-edge UX related challenges.