China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited (COSCO) is one of the leading domestic shipping companies, operating more than 300 routes in 329 ports in 100 countries and regions, ranking among the top three global shipping companies. 

In recent years, the international shipping market has been fiercely competitive. While COSCO actively promotes the construction of digital shipping services, it also hopes to spread the company's brand image and value concept to the world. COSCO strives to achieve global shipping services and help companies in different industries achieve more business possibilities.


In the fierce international shipping market competition, user-centered service experience and differentiated brand image strategy is an important means for shipping enterprises to win the market. 

In the process of working with COSCO, on the one hand, we do the top-level design, re-sorting and defining the brand characteristics of the COSCO website, to spreading the brand concept of "We Deliver Value". On the other hand, we optimize the user experience of the underlying business, from the ease of use, convenience, guidance, interaction, visualization, and other directions, for COSCO website to establish a unified, standardized system framework and finally help the website to form a friendly and efficient service experience.

Insights/ Strategies


Pay attention to the spread of brand concept

As an important platform for customers to contact the brand, the official website plays an important role in brand communication. For enterprises, in the process of brand communication to let users understand and recognize the value of the brand concept is the key to build long-term relationships with customers.

In the course of the project we have researched and analyzed many official website cases, found that in the design of the page frame, the brand concept as the mainline, can effectively convey the brand value concept.

We adopt the brand communication strategy, focusing on brand concept communication, from inside to the outside of the spread. First, integrate website design with the brand concept, causing customers to resonate on the concept. And then the page design combined professional and standardized shipping scenarios, showing a professional, large-scale brand image. Finally, the appropriate service scenario adds the entry point to the business transformation to help COSCO achieve the business transformation.


Clear visual design reduces the difficulty of customer use.

In market research, we found that more and more individualized and regional small-scale shipping needs are emerging. However, these small and medium-sized enterprises or individual customers have difficulty understanding complex and professional shipping service information and processes.

In response to this problem, we reorganized and integrated the service information and processes of COSCO and established a clear and classified navigation system. We also visualize the complex information about shipping service, so that customers can easily understand the information and enhance the brand favorability of COSCO.


Reconstructing the visual language system to convey a professional and infectious brand image.

We have designed a unified visual language system for COSCO, which combines the vastness of the ocean with the momentum of sailing, highlighting the fast and convenient image of COSCO.

We use blue and white as the main color and convert ships, containers, etc. into flat graphics so that the COSCO website pages are more concise and clear. At the same time, the idea of rowing ships off the sea is used to distinguish between different content areas. Reconstructed visual language system spread the atmosphere and professional image of COSCO, showing COSCO shipping broad in scale and wide in transportation.


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