Digital Experience Insights and Planning

Insights into portraits, scenarios, and market trends based on customer experience feedback empower digital ecosystem planning.
  • User Journey and Profiling Research

    Create a visual overall view of the customer experience according to specific business goals, and based on the portrait, scenario, and market trend insight of customer experience feedback, insight into customer experience needs and pain points, and tap the business value of customers.
  • Product scenario research

    Focus on the use scenarios of products, combine consumer behaviors to analyze and insight into product segmentation scenarios, and dig deep into the pain points and opportunity points of products.
  • Digital scene diagnostics

    The current situation of enterprise digitalization is sorted out and integrated based on scenarios, and redundant and merged digital outlets and services of the same type are removed, which reduces the digital operating costs of enterprises and makes the operation management of enterprises more efficient.
  • Digital ecosystem planning

    Use the thinking of experience to carry out strategic planning for digital upgrading, and plan the digital platform ecology of enterprises from the scene.

Digital Product Experience Design

Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving the interaction experience between customers and products in three aspects: enhancing product usability, simplifying operations, and increasing the sense of use pleasure.
  • APP /Applet/Website
    Experience revisions and upgrades

    Every touchpoint has its mission. Focus on online contact design, create a series of touchpoint planning through omnichannel experience upgrades to influence user decisions, and let users convince themselves when using products.
  • Middle-office system/enterprise internal operation and management tool experience revision and upgrade

    Combined with many years of experience in B-end product design, through the construction of to-B-end intelligent digital experience system and the upgrading of operation management tools, on the one hand, it improves the management efficiency of enterprises, and on the other hand, realizes the coherence of enterprise collaboration.
  • Smart device experience design

    Through insight into the use scenarios and demand scenarios of smart devices, as well as combined with consumer data, the use of smart devices is excavated and the pain points and opportunities are excavated, and we help design more humanized and creative high-performance smart devices..
  • Brand experience design

    Sort out the core content of the brand, design a new concept for the brand marketing plan, and impress consumers with interesting, playful and brand-based experience design.

Membership Operation Growth P lanning

From the perspective of customer growth, a complete customer loyalty improvement mechanism is tailored for enterprises.
  • Membership growth system

    The thinking of 'traffic' will be changed into the thinking of 'retention', and the user's membership experience will be redefined and designed, including the currency consumption system, the rights system, the user growth system, and the task system, so that members can better identify with our brand.
  • Member experience touchpoint planning

    The contact points in digital marketing are the key to passing on the value of products and brands to customers, and through marketing contact planning, high-quality content and brand culture are transmitted to customers, and core users are precipitated and cultivated.
  • Marketing gameplay design

    Provide novel, innovative, and exceeding customer expectations for the experience marketing of members, realize drainage, pull new, and enhance user loyalty to the brand.

Experience Data Application
and Management

Through experience in empowerment management efficiency improvement and data index system construction,achieve rapid product iteration and enterprise cost reduction and efficiency increase.

  • NPS/Satisfaction Survey

    Through NPS/satisfaction surveys, enterprises can better understand the evaluation of their products and services in the minds of customers, and also have a deeper understanding of the stage and position of their brands in the market, and guide enterprises to make product goal setting and decision-making.
  • Dictionary of data metrics

    Experience data is an important asset for businesses. The data is complex, and the construction of the experience index system can quantify the data, transforming the complex data into customer feedback knowledge that the employees of the enterprise can understand, which is convenient for faster and more intimate experience operation and management.
  • Customer experience early warning system

    Focusing on the customer journey of the whole service of the enterprise, by refining the experience monitoring index model, quantifying the customer's perception of the company's products and services, realizing real-time monitoring and early warning of the customer experience status, agilely guiding the optimization and innovation of the business, and continuously empowering business growth.
  • Rising UI/UX design system

    Starting from the business application scenarios, connecting the strategic goals and scenarios, combined with the needs of customers, the sunrise design system is a set of design systems around wisdom, co-creation, efficiency, and flexibility, using data monitoring, analysis, and insight capabilities, to build a data-driven design system covering design library tools, design management mechanisms and design methods for enterprises.