In the face of the rapid development of Internet technology and mobile digital trends, the financial industry's service system, business model, and business structure are also rapidly transforming.

Guotai Junan Securities, one of the leading securities investment companies in China, put forward the service concept of "Experience Service First" in 2016 and used the two core technologies of big data and AI to promote the overall service upgrade. In 2018, Guotai Junan Securities cooperated with us, carried on the design innovation, put forward the "Temperature and Quality Develop Together”: "Temperature" refers to creating a temperature-using experience for APP; "Quality" refers to Guotai Junan Securities attaches great importance to the brand experience, and can deliver a quality, differentiated and holistic experience to users.


We cooperate with Guotai Junan Securities to conduct user research, build typical user usage scenarios, refine user usage processes, and finally enhance the user experience of Guotai Junan Securities Junhong APP (Junhong APP). So far, the daily active users of Junhong APP are more than 1.5 million, ranked second in the domestic brokerage APP.

Insights/ Strategies


Experience design with temperature: Where is the temperature of the securities service?

Junhong APP user number reached 30 million, in the project research, we found that users' usage habits vary widely, and individual usage habits are very prominent. Junhong APP provided standardized services that can not meet the needs of different users.

In response to the above questions, we provided Junhong APP with a customizable page framework that allows users to freely combine page content according to their habits and needs. At the same time, in each touchpoint with the user, we provided users with natural, appropriate support, so that the user can have a problematic experience when using Junhong APP.


Experience design-driven brand texture upgrade

Combining communication theory and user experience cycles, we divide the brand-building into five segments: cognition - trust - behavior - satisfaction - word of mouth. How to let users feel Junhong APP brand value at every sector of using is the key to the experience design.

Cognition as the first link determines the user's first impression of the Junhong APP image. In the early stage of the design, we set up a unified and perfect design specification for the entry of the various communication channels of Junhong APP, and help the users quickly establish the consistency of the first impression of the APP.

The three links of trust, behavior, and satisfaction mainly point to the user's perception and expectation of changing the experience process after using the product. Based on Guotai Junan Securities’ existing product characteristics and brand development direction, we combined visual trend research, user's visual expectations research and users’ preference testing in the middle-term of the design to establish a visual language system for Junhong APP: positioning the UI design tone of the APP, reconstructing the color system, and optimizing the efficiency of visual communication.


Innovative Junhong service system for achieving quality and user satisfaction

Innovative Junhong service system for achieving quality and user satisfaction

Designers work with user researchers to understand user scenarios and enable Junhong APP to respond quickly to the scene.

One of the goals of Junhong APP is to simplify the user flow and improve the efficiency of information acquisition. So our interaction designers and user researchers quickly analyzed the product's processes and reorganize the app's functional framework. The page frame has an extended premise, designed the relevant operations and information to meet the specific scenario, allowing users to quickly respond to changes in the information, to be more fluid.

Design and scene combination, effectively enhance the user's favor of the brand.

In the project, we found a lot of small functions set up for users on Junhong APP, to make these "small functions" easier for users to find, see, use, we used the means of design to embed small features into the user's needs scene, effectively increase functional usage and user's favor of the APP experience.

Add "content analysis and communication" module to create a social investment platform

Taking into account the user's use of scenarios and needs during non-trading hours, and Guotai Junan Securities’ strategic plan to build a social investment platform, we have built a social module for Junhong APP, named "Discovery". In this module, users can participate in watching live stocks and popular competitions, get rewards, and participate in other interactive activities. Users can learn financial information, from a junior apprentice to an expert in investment and finance. The “Discovery" greatly increase the usage time of users.

Visual design language -Concise but not simple

Based on product positioning and development strategy, we finally adopted a modern and concise design style for Junhong APP. The design uses a large number of solid color blocks and simple graphics. On the one hand, the visual design reflects the professionalism and usability of Junhong APP, on the other hand, it closer to the potential users -young people's preference.

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