Experts in a category of four, covering the entire procedure of business experience strategy planning and design.

  • User Experience
    Insights Team

    With more than ten years of experience and 100+ user methodology precipitation, he is the user's confidant and the military master of the enterprise
  • Digital Experience
    Design Team

    One of the most senior experience teams, with the characteristics of a diversified team across fields and disciplines
  • Data application
    analysis team

    Mature and down-to-earth data analysis and application methodology to help enterprises make decisions and innovate
  • 4HAUS Space
    Experience Design Team

    People-oriented, let the meticulous space have its expression and charm.
We are a troop of UX savvy strategists and designers.
Empathetic. Smart. Visionary.
  • Qin Lin


  • Hanchen Lin

    #Co-Founder        #President

  • Nick Liu

    #Vice President of Design

  • Harry Li

    #Vice President of Strategy

  • Ting Zhang

    #Vice President of Research

  • Carrie Chen

    #Chief Financial Officer

  • Tong Yu

    #Spatial Design Director

  • Zerong Guo

    #General Manager of Beijing Office

    #Vice President of UX

  • Minxia Guan

    #General Manager of Guangzhou Office

  • Yan Zhang

    #General Manager of Shenzhen Office

    #Customer Success Director

  • Yongju Ye

    #UX Design Director

  • Jiangna Han

     #UX Design Director

  • Masun Cai

    #UX Design Director

  • Audrey W.

    #UX Designing Director

  • Jiaxi Liu

    #Senior UX Designer 

  • Ling Pei

    #Customer Success Director

  • Veronica Wang

    #Senior Account Manager

  • Ada Xu

    #Senior UX Researcher

  • Lingling Ren

    #Senior UX Designer 

  • Sisi Hu

    #Senior UX Designer

  • Guanwei Wu

    #Senior UX Designer

  • Yuli Sun

    #Senior UX Designer

  • Lianyuan Huang

    #Senior UX Designer 

Join us

  • User Research
  • Interaction Design
  • Visual Design
  • Brand Design
  • Spatial Design
  • Client Success
UX Researcher
UX Researcher (Junior)
UX Researcher (Senior)
UX Strategist
Service Strategist
UX Research Director
UX Strategist (Director)
Interaction Designer
UX Designer (Junior)
Business Designer
UX Designer (Senior)
Brand Designer
UX Consultant (Director)
UX Designer (Director)
Service Designer (Director)
Brand Designer (Director)
Visual Designer
UX Designer (Visual Team)
Service Designer
UX Designer (Senior)
Brand Designer
UX Consultant (Director)
UX Designer (Director)
Service Designer (Director)
Brand Designer (Director)
Graphic Designer
UX Designer
Brand Designer
Content Strategist
UX Designer (Director)
Brand Designer (Director)
Content Strategist (Director)
Spatial Designer (Junior)
Spatial Designer (Senior)
Spatial Designer (Director)
Account Manager (Junior)
Account Manager (Senior)
Client Success (Director)
Strategic Partners
Together with our partners, we continue to improve the excellence of user experience in the digital era and become a competitive user experience pioneer.
A digital marketing services company that specializes in combining experience design, front-end technology, and user growth strategies.