In recent years, tremendous changes have taken place in the field of consumer finance, and many consumer finance companies have been established and developed. With the rapid development of the consumer financial market, how should the banking seize the market share? The development of the credit card business is an important opportunity for banking companies to enter the field of consumer finance.

From 2018,China Guangfa Bank (CGB) has co-innovated with ETU in product strategy, membership loyalty system, experience design, and other dimensions. It made the credit card service is closely integrated with the user's life scene, and meet changing customer needs. Finally, CGB achieved a comprehensive increase in scale and efficiency.


The CGB Credit Card team worked with us on customer insights, trend research, and innovation workshops. Aiming at the membership loyalty system of CGB Credit Card APP, we have created the industry-leading experience marketing gameplay and completed the role transformation of CGB Credit Card APP from the payment tool to the life partner of customers.

At the same time, based on the brand image of the APP, we have jointly designed a game called "Little Fa Sheep". This game is the first gameplay that can make the credit card user keep growing in it and will spend more time in CGB Credit Card APP. And it can deepen the emotional interaction and connection between CGB Credit Card enterprise and users.

Insights/ Strategies


New trends in credit consumption:Young people are the main consumer group and their needs are diverse and emotional.

We surveyed 3,410 customers and found the Millennials became "potential stocks" in credit card spending. They have three main characteristics:

1. They’re more willing to pay for their interests.

2. Young people prefer to use the Internet because it’s efficient and convenient. And they trust the risk management and comprehensive functionality of credit products of banks.

3. They prefer affordable, but insensitive to the benefits offered by merchants. The reason for this is that the benefits offered by merchants are spread across different channels and there is no long-term and effective interaction with customers.


Build a long-term interaction with customers and an effective benefits system around the core business of the enterprise.

The benefits system is linked to the company's core business, and the relevant benefits were set by the customer's growth cycle.

Clarify the purpose to be achieved by the benefits system at each stage and set different gameplay difficulty levels. In the early stage, the emphasis was placed on the easy access and practicality of equity, and the gameplay was simple and attractive. In the later stage, the gap between star benefits was strengthened to encourage customers to continue investing for richer benefits’ goals.


Gamified and socialized customer growth process can realize customer conversion and activation.

Games can give players a sense of accomplishment and players are immersed in the game. Integrate the gamified design into the credit card APP, enrich the points acquisition ways and membership gameplay, increase the playability while letting customers are immersed in it, willing to use and explore the APP for more time.

Young people like socializing, so in the design of the membership loyalty system, we envisage adding some funny gameplay and hot topics and rely on multiple social platforms to share content, increasing the possibility of interaction between the enterprise and customers.


Personalize the image of the brand through design and enhance emotional interaction with customers.

The brand's image in the customer's mind no longer stays on the APP, but gradually evolves into a personalized image, with its personality, temperament, and cultural connotation. When customers use the app, they will feel that they are interacting with a friend of their own.

The main character in the CGB Credit Card APP is a “Little Sheep", a client's partner who will help clients get discounts, customize clothes, set up scenes, etc. And it can create more gameplay with customers.


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