Rising UI/UX design system is born for wisdom, efficiency, co-creation and flexibility

Closely follow the business and scenarios, and through data insight and mining, understand user preferences to design digital products that meet users' wishes, and through label operation, prejudge user behavior, and innovate product design.


Unified design specifications are constrained, and the unified understanding of quality by-products, R&D, and designers reduces communication costs. Significantly improve the efficiency of product development.


The iterative mechanism of the design system is based on the joint innovation of customers, partners, and experts in various fields.


Strong adaptability, flexible and scalable, convenient and rapid adaptation to different industries, different fields, and different customers, users' individual needs.

A convenient system design library covering the entire industry

Condensing ETU's more than ten years of design and consulting experience in the user experience industry into a set of ready-to-use design libraries can quickly empower product design and development.

Covers 85% digital product type design components

The UI/UX Design System is ETU's full library of UI components that are continuously updated for projects in retail, finance, express transportation, travel, and other industries, covering more than 85% of the digital product types in the market.

Covers design components and patterns for 500+ business scenarios

The design components focus on the refined business scene design, which can be used as soon as it is pulled, improving the efficiency of design and development.

Industry-wide UI/UX experience empowers design libraries

Based on the design experience accumulated by the whole industry as the basis for the design library. Zhihe is the result of a set of designers who have served digital products across the industry.

Data-driven Mechanisms

Supported by strong and sharp data and analytical skills. Quickly iteratively update based on user feedback data, keep up with users and even be ahead of user needs.

Built-in data interface

The UI/UX design library comes with its own data interface, which can collect user data autonomously and display it in the data grandstand after use.

Real-time data grandstand

Provides a data stand that connects to the components in the design library to monitor user data in real time.

The data indicator system assists in the analysis

How to use it after data monitoring? Provides a common set of data metrics library to help enterprises with "do-for-the-go" data application and analysis.

Strong Landing Expert Training and Design Mechanism Establishment

Conduct professional training for internal personnel and establish an internal data-driven design management mechanism to ensure the complete and efficient implementation of the iterative mechanism of the data-driven design library.

Systematic personnel training

Systematic training on the company's products, design and development ensures that the design library can achieve rapid internal iteration and complete implementation.

Efficient design management mechanism construction

Establish a design management mechanism connecting various departments, which can realize real-time collection of front-end data, and through the analysis of the index system, timely response and feedback are made to the contacts that are not in the normal range value, reducing the user churn rate, and enabling rapid iterative update of products.